What is Wular lake Srinagar?

As we all know that Srinagar is one of the city of lakes in India as it has amazing and beautiful lakes like wular lake, Dal Lake, and many more other lakes. In this blog, we are going to know more about the Wular lake in India so that you can know more about it. 

Wular Lake is the largest lake in India which has access to the largest freshwater lake and is across 200 sq km. This lake is located in the Bandiera district of Srinagar and has the largest basin of tectonic activity because of which the area is covered with lakes of vary throughout the year. 

This lake is one of the best picnic spots which the users often like to go to enjoy their time there and they can also get the best time of their lives there. The lake also has the facility of boating as well as water sports for the tourist coming here and the users can also go water skiing in this lake and it is also a very popular point for sunset for people. All these facilities and things in Wular lake make Wular lake tourism famous all across the world.

There is also a small island which is located in the center of Wular lake and the name of the Island is Zaina lank which is also very much liked and loved by the users, We hope that the information we have provided to the users was helpful for the users. 

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